Watching Television


What to do next?

“Umm…maybe I will watch television since I have done all my tasks, hehe..Ok then, it is a watch television time. Fyuhh..finally..It’s been a week I do not watch television. Owwyeah.. :D”

I turned on the television, and I started to look for some interesting programs on television, but unfortunately I could not find something interesting that day. Huff..What a boring day 😦

“Hey wait..!! Why don’t I try to search for an information given by my friend on the internet.”

Yeah, I suddenly remember about Direct TV. Some months ago, my friend told me about it, but I did not pay much attention on it since I thought I did not need it because I have already had a job that needs my full attention, so I thought I did not have more time to watch television. Poor me, I am wrong 😦 But it is ok. I do not think that it is too late to have directtv in my house. All I have to do now is saving some money so that I can have one :D. Whoahh.. I just cannot wait for the day I can watch all programs I like from my own directv, starting from programs about family, movies, sports, business/news, etc.

OK then, ganbatte kuadasai 🙂

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