People Around Me, You, Us..

Continuing my previous posting, now I am gonna share a little about situation in Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP). Oh my was very very very crowded there. People were everywhere, and it was hot..fuhh..fuhh.. 😀 Everyone wanted to apply for job(s). I really did not have any idea that the situation would be like that..Well, yeah, I’ve gotta admit that the companies participating on the event are big companies such as Chevron, HM Sampoerna, Exxon, Telkomsel, Trans7, Astra Argo Lestari, etc. See..!!

Unfortunately, I could not apply at those companies since they do not seem to need people from pure science (MIPA), meaning they do not tell clearly and obviously 😦 poor me..poor us..poor them 😦 huff..But never mind, I still applied for a position which is actually for engeeners, hahaha 😀 since my education background still has something related to the position. (Whooaaa..kinda difficult to share this one :D)

Never mind

No big deal

Nothing can stop me (us)

Ganbatte kudasai 😀

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