Cara Ngapalin Atom2 Dalam 1 Golongan (Sistem Periodik Unsur)

Hari ini aQ dapet beberapa kalimat yang bisa dipake untuk ngapalin atom2 yang berada dalam 1 golongan. Dapetnya malah dari tentor matematika. Keren bgzt tu tentor.

Golongan I A:
Hari Libur Nana Kawin, Robi Cs Frustasi –> H Li Na K Rb Cs Fr

Golongan II A:
Bebek Mangan Cacing Seret Banget Rasane –> Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra
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Congratz My Friend

Today..this clocks shows it is 8.48pm..I have just read my friend’s blog. It’s been some weeks I have not visited her again. Opening her blog, I found some new writings. Wow..she has updated her blog. Nice. Ok then, time to read πŸ™‚

The very first writing that interested me has a title “morning sickkkk”. Firstly, I talked to myself, is it real?? that she’s pregnant? I kept reading it, and yeah it’s true. She’s pregnant. Whoaa…!! Really surprise. Well, congratz ya put πŸ™‚ I’m happy knowing that you’re gonna have a baby. Take care of yourself and your little baby carefully.
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Fulbright Scholarship Programs For 2009-2010 Study Year

fulbrightOne day I casually looked for information about scholarships for Master Degree, and finally I found Fulbright Scholarship Programs For 2009-2010 Study Year. Wow..Unbelieavable. Why? Well, it is because everytime I looked for informations about scholarship, I always could not find the up to date scholarships (meaning the scholarship had been expired). Furthermore, some days later koibito gave me a paper. It was said that AMINEF that handles Fulbright Scholarship would have a presentation about this scholarship at Gadjah Mada University on Friday, February 13, 2009 at 9am-11am for 50 persons only. So everyone who would like to come and see the presentation should register or have his/her name on the list. Since I did not know where to register, I did not register.Β  And I hoped that I could still come and see the presentation. Well ok then, in short, I could come and see the presentation by AMINEF :)
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Having Own Home

It is nice having own home because we can do everything we want in our home. No one can ban us, hahaha :D And that’s the reason why koibito and I decided to have our own home so that we can do what we want to do, put everything in it, change the style of the home in details, and so on.

I’ve got to admit that finding which web hosting is the best for our home is not an easy job. We need to think many things related to each other, starting from what we want to do in our home and the services given by the web hoster. Accordingly, we need to look for some information or reviews about some web hosting, and koibito and I kept looking for the information.
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Unbelievable ^^

It’s been a month, and I a still put up being in SSC. So many experiences I can get there.

I remember when it was the first time for me to teach in front of the class, I was completely nervous till I could not deliver the knowledge well. Furthermore, my writings on the whiteboard were so bad (disordered). Nevertheless, I did not have any preparation to teach on that day since it was actually not my time, but suddenly my boss asked me to teach. Owh my God..!! He really did it. Very well..!!! And the result was..hmphf..disappointing. Anyway, I actually could say no, but I in fact could not make the word “no” out of my mouth. OK, no big deal. I still have another chances to fix it.

As time goes by, and trainings have been made for me (us as new tentors), at least now I know how to teach in front of the class. Those are experiences that cannot be paid by anything.

OK the, keep trying, keep studying, keep praying, and hope I can be bette better and better πŸ˜‰