Nihon e Ikitai

One day..when I was in Jakarta, when I was in a mall, when I was having great time there..I was called by my friend..She told me that one of our friends (a man) was going to go to Japan. And suddenly..I was completely speechless for about 10 seconds. She kept calling my name through the phone, but I did not give any respond. I felt like I was in other world, imagining something that I did not want to imagine, realizing something that I did not want to realize, but I had to.


Ups..finally I woke up from my short dream. Huff..It was such a hard fact to face.

bla..bla..bla..She told me how he could go to Japan.

Ok then..It was his story. He has his own stories of life, and I have my own stories of life. God has already had His best plans for me, for him, for all of us.

Hmphf..One thing I know is I need to be patient and have commitment to reach out my dreams, including a dream to go to day..hope so.. 🙂

Well..maybe when it is time for me to go to Japan is not for having higher education, but for having a trip, hahaha..